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Welcome to International Consulting, AEMAP,

our objective is to facilitate the international expansion of our customers and to promote them with our marketing activities. We rely on the support of a team of proven expertise that works together with the German middle-sized forum and with our partners in Spain. One of our main areas of activity has been the alternative energies.

Services for companies who have business with German speaking countries or Spain:

Marketing Research, we help you to find distributors or sales representatives in the region.
Organization of your marketing campaigns.
Organization of surveys and promotional stands for your products.
We can be your contact to the press and your distributors
You want to open a company in Germany? no problem, we support you with all the paper work and accounting afterwards
We check the prices of the products you import and provide you with the best offer.
We develop your sales plan by region and by product range.
We plan with you the cost of the different projects Fairs support.
We support you on the care of your customers and partners.

Your Advantages

  • Your company gets faster and more effective access to a foreign market.
  • No more mentality and language barriers. Thanks to our offices in Munich and our offices in Spain, you eliminate the distance and barriers that separates you from your goal. In other words, this means cost savings for your company.
  • Your company gets the personal treatment it deserves and our dedication.
  • Your company gets prices that are market driven, you do not pay more because you are new and you do not know how it does work in Germany or Spain.


We offer your company high quality and flexibility and the possibility of a continuous support service or just the support on a particular project. Effectiveness, thanks to our location in Germany, and our partners location in Spain, our actions are faster and more effective.

Easy, we speak spanish, german, english and french. From the very first moment you will get a dedicated person, that will be your single contact for all your projects with our company.




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